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If your group requires rental equipment, please call (816) 868-5675, or CONTACT US to set up your reservation now!!!


Field fee: $10 (this fee is paid by all players)

Rental equipment pictured (includes paintball marker, mask, air tank, and all-day air): $15

All-day air (HPA or CO2; tank rental not included): $5

If you are interested in having your birthday party, youth group outing, company's team building, or just have a large group that wants to play paintball; please
CONTACT US for group rates and discounts.

Single air fills:

CO2: $.20 per ounce (Ex: 20 oz tank = $4.00)

HPA: $1 per 1000 psi (Ex: 3000 psi tank = $3.00)

Paintball Prices:

All of our paintballs are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Neither the shell nor the paint fill will impact the environment or water table.

Field grade paintballs: $50 per 2,000rd

Rec. grade paintballs: $45 per 2,000rd (when available)

*Smaller quantities of paint can be purchased*

-- High Performance Paintball is a Field Paint Only (FPO) facility. Only paintballs purchased at High Performance Paintball may be used at the facility. Individuals caught using paintballs not purchased at High Performance Paintball will be asked to leave, and no refund will be given.

Frequent Player Passes:

High Performance Paintball now offers Frequent Player Passes. These passes are $75 each and entitle the owner to: 1/2 price field fee, free all-day air, and $5 off each case of 2,000 paintballs. These passes pay for themselves in just 5 visits.

*(all prices include sales tax)*

High Performance Paintball offers group rates/discounts. If you would like more info. please contact us.