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  • Field Rules
  • May I Bring My Own Paintballs?
  • What Is Paintball?
  • Does Paintball Hurt?
  • What Should I Wear?
  • Is Paintball Dangerous?
  • Is Paintball War?
  • Is Paintball for Everyone?

If you are considering High Performance Paintball for your first paintball outing, please watch the following videos for information on what to expect when you play paintball. If the videos are confusing or you still have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Video 1:  What to Bring With You to the Paintball Field
Video 2:  What to Expect When You Get to the Paintball Field
Video 3:  What to Expect When You Start Playing at the Paintball Field
Video 4:  What to Wear and Expect When Playing Paintball for the First Time

Field Rules

1.   No physical contact, PERIOD!

2.   GOGGLES ON. When you are on the playing side of the netting, this is the “GOGGLES ON" area. You will receive only ONE warning if you lift or remove your mask you will be ejected for the remainder of the day without a refund. This is your only warning. Remember that if you get hit in the eye by a paintball you could lose your eye forever!

3.   Obey the referees. They are here for your safety and enjoyment. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. If you have a dispute or something to point out, calmly bring it to the referee’s attention. Do not, however, argue with a referee during the course of a game. A referee’s call is final. All head referees do have the power to eject any player that is in violation of any safety rule or found to be cheating.

4.   Abusive language will not be tolerated! All players are to refrain from obscenities, racial slurs and/or any language that may infringe upon the enjoyment of others.

5.   Obey all safety signs in the park. If you are not sure what a sign means or where it applies, please ask a referee. These signs are here for the protection of everyone in the park.

6.   High Performance Paintball is not responsible for any theft or loss of personal property. (Watch your stuff).

7.   All players must obey the chrono limit set for the field which is 280fps.

8.   BARREL COVERS. Your barrel should always be covered until you are on a playing field. You may remove it at the starting area only when the referee tells you to. When you are eliminated or the game ends, cover your barrel before leaving the playing field. If you want to squeegee out your barrel, the correct procedure is to unscrew or disconnect the barrel with the cover on. Set the marker down in a safe position. Remove the cover from the barrel and squeegee it. Place the cover over the barrel before reconnecting to the marker. If you have any questions on this matter, please ask a referee. Barrel PLUGS are allowed.

9.   No one is ever allowed to shoot over, around or deliberately at the safety netting. This rule includes blind firing. (Shooting without looking at your target).

10.   No one is allowed to use his or her own fill station (scuba tank) on any portion of the property.

11.   Firing at things outside of your game (example: animals, field or farm equipment, cars, spectators, referees, etc.) will lead to ejection from the game and/or Field.

12.   Control your fire. Do not use excessive fire. When you hit and eliminate a player, do not continue to shoot him. When a referee sees that a player is completely defensive and elimination by multiple players is eminent, he may call him out before a painful ending to his/her game.

13.   No Alcohol OR Drugs are allowed on the park premises. Use is cause for ejection.

May I Bring My Own Paintballs?

  Absolutely not! High Performance Paintball is a Field Paint Only (FPO) facility. Paintballs used at High Performance Paintball must be purchased on site. High Performance Paintball sells paintballs that are made to have very little, if any, impact on the water table and environment. Individuals caught using paintballs not purchased at High Performance Paintball will be asked to leave and will not receive a refund!

What Is Paintball?

   Paintball is an exciting game of Tag and Capture the Flag all rolled into one. There are many variations of the game, where two teams attempt to cross terrain, capture their opponents flag and return it to their own flag station without being marked by a paint pellet. Each player is equipped with a pneumatic marker that propels gelatin balls about the size of a bath bead. These capsules are filled with a washable paint that splatters upon impact. Games vary in time from 3 to 30 minute games are what can be expected. The game time varies according to the type of game being played.

Does Paintball Hurt?

   That’s one of the most commonly asked questions. The answer is, if you are wearing sensible clothing like a jacket or thick layers then… usually no. If you get hit by a paintball at close range on bare skin then expect a sharp sting, by wearing the proper gear and clothing you minimize the chance of that happening.

What should I wear?

  High Performance Paintball recommends wearing a long sleeve shirt (long sleeve t-shirt/sweatshirt), long pants (jeans/sweat pants), and a pair of gloves (jersey gloves are cheap and do the job). Some people do like to layer clothes (2/3 shirts), however, sense should be used when doing this especially in the summer when it can become extremely hot. We also recommend that players do not wear their best clothes to play. The paint inside the paintball does not stain, but the woods fields are just that . . . woods.

Is Paintball Dangerous?
   Paintball is a very safe sport, having one of the lowest injury rates of any sport. Safety is very important to us and we do have a perfect safety record! You must be careful while running but the only way a player can be seriously injured by playing paintball is if he or she removes their goggles during play, or if a player uses a marker in an unsafe manner. Our referee’s are there to ensure that everyone follows the safety rules. Any infraction of the safety rules will result in immediate ejection from the field. It is always Safety FIRST!

Is Paintball War?
   The common presumption of non-players is that the sport of paintball caters to the Rambo’s of society, those people with a paramilitary bent. Little do they know that Paintball is a well organized, exciting and expanding sport. It is a game and nothing more.

Is Paintball For Everyone?

  Everyone!! That is the great thing about paintball. It is for men, women, children (that are at least 10), young and old, athletes and non-athletes. There are no special skills involved in playing. You don’t have to be able to run fast, make the perfect catch or be a certain height. You can just be you, paintball is a game of strategy so anyone can be great!